Natural Facial Rejuvination

Say “no” to botox. Say “yes” to no-tox. An alternative to invasive procedures and injectables, this massage stimulates blood flow, relaxes muscles, reduces the appearance of fine lines and refreshes skin. Noticeable, lasting results achieved in 6-10 sessions.

This is a unique technique created by the London Center for Indian Champissage International™(LCICI). Suzanne trained with Yuri Esperson, one of the pioneers of the Face Lift Massage™ technique in the United States. The technique is completely natural and safe – no oils or lotions are used! Gentle and precise stretching of the small muscles in the face and holding them for a prolonged period of time allows the facial muscles to strengthen and tighten. Specially designed massage moves combine with acupressure to gently move out the old lymph, improve blood circulation and bring fresh lymph into the facial area to provide a fresh, glowing look that lasts for days! A series of these massages help tone and tighten skin and visibly reduce wrinkles, sagging skin, crow’s feet and laugh lines.
Additionally, Face Lift Massage™ can help to relieve lack of facial expression caused by neuromuscular changes due to conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.

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